It is a well known fact that Bali in Indonesia is one of the most popular overseas holiday destinations for Australians. Kuta is a town in Bali and is one of the most popular destinations for holiday goers in Bali.

The town is well known as being one of the best surfing spots in the world and this is emphasized by the long beautiful broad beach that fronts onto the Indian Ocean.

In the old days, the city used to be a popular backpacking location with many serious hikers making their way through some of the jungle areas of the island.

Kuta is now know more as a party spot as it has developed dramatically due to it’s popularity. It now has somewhat of a feel of being over congested and unorganized. Despite this, the city remains a popular tourist destination due mostly to it’s beautiful environment.

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The growth continues for The Iconic

The amazing success and growth that online clothing retailer, The Iconic, has been able to achieve is set to continue much further thanks to it’s announcement that it has been able to achieve further investment in the company.

The investment will come from US investment firm, Summit Partners who will be injecting over $25 million into the company to help it expand further. Summit Partners is a company that targets it’s investments specifically at companies growing rapidly and The Iconic was identified as one of the companies that met it’s investment criteria.

The company has grown from strength to strength in it’s short life and last year was able to secure it’s first big investment from J.P. Morgan who put forward over $19 million dollars to help fund the companies expansion.

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The steps to a perfect foundation

Creating the perfect foundation is important for your overall makeup regime.

The first step to doing this is by preparing the canvas, your face. Firstly, make sure your face is cleansed and hydrated as this will help the foundation apply evenly. This step is of huge importance so make sure you don’t skip this step.

The next step is to apply a primer. A primer ensures that the life of your makeup is prolonged and it will also smooth out uneven skin layers as well as fill pores and fine lines. A good primer will also assistant in protecting your skin from harmful sun rays as well as pollution.

The next step is to apply the foundation to your face with a foundation brush. If you are using a liquid formula, apply the foundation in an outward motion from the middle of your face. If you are using a compact then initially coat your brush with the foundation and then use short strokes to avoid the caked look.

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How contact lens are made

Contact lens have become one of the most popular fashion accessories worn by people not wanting to wear glasses but requiring corrective vision or people that play physical sports or swim.

Contacts lens technology has jumped dramatically in the last 10 years and how they are made is interesting.

Hard contacts, also known as gas permeable lens, are less popular these days. They are made of a plastic with is oxygen permeable meaning they allow oxygen to pass through. These lens have very little water and are hard or rigid on the eye, hence the name.

They are made specifically to the prescription of the patient and are therefore more costly to produce than other types of contact lens. The lens are usually made by a computer controlled lathe.

Soft contact lens are made from plastics which are hydrophillic meaning they absorb water. These lens are are soft to touch and are made by lathe cutting or an injection molding process.

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New Zealand

One of the most popular countries to visit in the world at the moment is New Zealand. The country has been given a huge tourist boost due to the popular movie franchise, The Lord of the Rings.

New Zealand has a history that goes back over 700 years. The country was first populated all those  years ago by the Maori people. Europeans settled in the country in only the 18th century.

Maori’s arrived in New Zealand by taking canoes from Hawaiki. This happened about 1000 years ago and during that time, they built a society that was a traditional tribal society that grew over the space of hundreds of years.

The first European person to discover New Zealand was a Dutch man named Abel Tasman however the British were the first that were able to make the country part of the British Empire.

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The IdeaPad Yoga 13 has launched at Lenovo

Lenovo has announced that it will be releasing two new Windows 8 model devices. The IdeaPad Yoga 13 and the IdeaPad Yoga 11. The IdeaPad is Lenovo’s line of hyprid ultrabooks which are basically ultrabooks that can convert from a regular clamshell laptop to a tablet PC.

The screen on the IdeaPad Yoga 13 measures 13.3 inches and has a beautiful IPS screen with a resolution of 900  x 1600. The laptop comes loaded with Windows 8 Pro and has a Intel Core i Series processor.

The smaller sibling, IdeaPad Yoga 11, has a resolution of 768 by 1366 and does not feature an IPS screen. It is loaded with Windows RT and has a NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor on board.

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Facebook increasing ad presence

Facebook is set to annoy users even more with rumours of autoplay video ads appearing in news feeds within six months.

The ads are expected to be distributed to the desktop / browser version of Facebook first and then moved mobile devices at a later stage. There are similar type ads on Youtube and other websites so it is nothing new however it will still tick of many users.

The goal of FaceBook with this type of advertising is to try to lure TV advertisers who wouldn’t normally consider this as a medium of advertising. At the moment there are video ad’s on the right hand sidebar of FaceBook however they are quite small and they do not autoplay when you load FaceBook.

FaceBook have slowly introduced a number of advertising initiatives to satisfy shareholders including advertising of friends likes of brands within the news feed.

There can however, be a point where the advertising can annoy users to the point where they leave the platform.

Apple continuing its push for a ban on Samung products

A court in California has been overturned on their judgement to ban the sales of Samsung products by the US court of appeals in the federal court. Apple was looking to specifically ban the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

Apple has obviously appealed this appeal and have asked a review by a larger panel of judges than the three that made the decision, called an en banc review. Apple believe that the ban should stay because Apple use the patent being argued and they are a direct competitor to Samsung.

The patent which is being fought over is a technology which allows the device to search multiple locations in once search. This technology allows the devices to search the local data storage as well as the internet for information.

Apple has recently won a sales ban against Samsung on a range of other products and was awarded over a billion dollars in damages.